John Rutter's Stratos Replica

About The Original

The Lancia Stratos was designed in the Seventies for the purpose of winning rallies. Powered by a Ferrari engine, it certainly achieved all that it was intended to do. For rally fans there can be few cars of that era with such appeal. I have provided a brief write-up on the original for those of you that might like to know a little bit about the real thing.

About The HF3000

This kit car replica of the Lancia Stratos is produced by Hawk Cars of Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The 3000 designation indicates that this is the three-litre variation of the kit, powered in this case by a fuel injected three-litre V6 from an Alfa Romeo 164. Others in the Hawk HF range make use of the four-cylinder Lancia engine in two-litre form (with turbochargers, superchargers or carburettors), or in rare cases with Ferrari V6 or V8 engines.

John Rutter's Car

This car was the first Hawk chassis to be manufactured for installation of the Alfa V6 engine and transmission. It was built up with the intention of using the car both on the road and in competition. This meant using firmer suspension, larger brakes, bucket seats with harnesses and generally more consideration for performance than road comfort. The build-up took nearly three years, part-time at home. Since completion in September 1995, the car has been driven to various shows, events and circuits in England, France and Belgium.

Having competed in a few sprint events during 1996, I registered in some speed event championships for 1997. I am pleased to say that the car (and driver) managed to achieve a class win in the Cranleigh Tyres-sponsored ACSMC championship. Photos of the car have appeared in CCC magazine, as well as Kit Car and Which Kit? magazines.

This year, 1998, I have decided to attempt a season of circuit racing with the car. The Auto Italia series accepts entries from kit cars, so that seems to be the ideal place to start off. Since reaching this decision, the organisers of this championship have raised the game somewhat, so as a novice racer I will now be competing on slicks in races that are to be televised! I will also try to compete in a number of sprints or hillclimbs through the year if dates do not clash. Wish me luck...